About Lorna:

Lorna is a member of two reflexology associations to help keep up with the latest in the field of Reflexology. The Washington Reflexology Association WRA, is largely based in the Seattle area but has state wide members. Lorna has sent in several articles for the WRA newsletter and looks forward to continued work with the members. A highlight this year with WRA was the outreach and big thank you at the Joint-base Lewis McChord Care Fair. Five members of the WRA spend over 3 hours treating troops and their families to the vitalizing relaxation of Hand and Feet Reflexology. A good day were had by all.

Recently Lorna joined the Oregon Reflexology Network ORN which includes SW Washington and attended the Round About Digestive workshop by a couple from Denmark. Being connected to choices for continued education workshops is another benefit of being a member of Reflexology associations.


Benefits of Reflexology:

  • Profound relaxation throughout the body

  • Emphasis on prevention through balancing of Chi (energy) meridians

  • Aid in decreasing accumulated stress

  • Improved circulation of nutrient supply and oxygen throughout the body

  • Improved state of mind

  • Balancing of organs for optimal bodily functions

  • Improvement of interrelationships between body systems

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Reflexology is a natural system of relaxation based on the theory that a microcosm of the body is reflected in the feet and hands. Pressure is applied in a specific manner to the feet using thumb, finger and hand techniques to stimulate the energy pathways and organs, bringing relaxation and balance to the body. Meridians or energy (Chi) pathways as well as lifestyle considerations are used in reflexology sessions as part of your holistic health journey. Gift Certificates available.