I have to admit that one of my simple pleasures in life is clean sheets, especially if someone else has washed them! add the heated massage table and before [the therapist] comes into the room I am already relaxed. Forty-five minutes later, the tense muscles and achy joints that come from pounding the pavement at work have vanished. I believe my bi-weekly massages contribute as much to my physical well-being as regular exercise and a good diet...really! Allow one of these talented women to work their ‘magic’ on you 3-4 times, then decide for yourself.
— C. Anderson, Automotive Sales

Imagine if you can: a skin affliction that has been misdiagnosed or for the past 20 years of your life. No one is able to diminish the constant itching that leads you to scratch yourself to bleeding in your sleep. You’ve tried everything from the age of 25 to 45, prescriptions, supplements, ointments; the only thing you hadn’t tried was LAVENDER and hypnotherapy. Lavender had never been mentioned, I had no knowledge of its healing powers until Kaci Jones, LMP became my massage therapist and ‘demanded’ I try it. She didn’t even touch my shins, which were ‘torn to shreds’ the first couple of times we were together; they were quite disgusting. Kaci sent me home with DoTerra’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil of Lavender. Within one week of daily use, I noticed healing. Within three weeks, I no longer had ‘open sores’. Three months later, no sores, no itching, scarring is lightening. It truly is amazing! Both my spouse and I have used it on both new and old scars and watched them fade away. At first I was hesitant, thought it might ‘burn’, but no! It’s soothing from the very first moment. I use it every night on the bottoms of my feet or wherever I might have itching crop up; which is now minimal. It brings tears to my eyes to know the flat out torture I’ve been through and to know that Lavender (and Kaci!) has become a savior. A blessing that I apply every night!
— Corenne M.

Sitting in meetings or in front of a computer all day stresses my neck and shoulders, especially since I am recovering from a neck injury. After a visit from Kaci, the tension release from my head down is remarkable and I feel like a “reset” button has been hit. Just wish I could get a massage from Kaci every day!
— C. Price

Kaci is a extremely talented massage therapist that has many techniques to use to help you obtain optimum health.
— L. Butterworth, Office Manager

Kaci is a therapist who always put her client’s needs first. She has a compassionate energy about her, that just states let me help you.
— L. Stiles, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Kaci is extremely motivated and thorough in her work. She is highly trained in her massage business and has a variety of certificates of completion. She is loved by many and trusted by many. Her work is exceptional.
— B. Jones, Self Employed

Kaci has been an incredible asset to my advanced seminar team. She is intelligent, motivated and thinks quickly on her feet.
— R. Haase, Educator

Kaci Jones is a young professional seeking to excel in her field of expertise. Kaci has worked hard to gain her credentials and is constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of her services. Kaci is very knowledgeable of massage therapy and possesses a passion to help others requiring her services. Kaci’s does an excellent job explaining the cause(s) of your discomfort and always seems to offer multiple solutions. I would recommend Kaci to all requiring her skills and knowledge.
— F. Millwood, Executive Director

Kaci Jones is akin to a force of nature. She’s incredibly skilled, fiercely determined, and strongly motivated to be the best at what she does. I never cease to be amazed at her willingness to sharpen her skills as well as learn new ones. Her desire and ability to help the most fragile souls is something everyone should emulate. I very strongly recommend Kaci and her services.
— S. Cole, Educator

Kaci is a great asset to our community. I work on several charity boards and Kaci is always willing to help out whenever possible. I have hired Kaci on a couple of occasions for special events. Kaci, is on time, communicates well both before and after the event, and is great to work with. We have already started planning for the next event in July and I am sure that I am on her radar for anything else that might come up. I look forward to working with Kaci for many years to come. It is always a pleasure.
— T. Chaput, Hotel Manager

Kaci is an excellent massage therapist who is always seeking new techniques to help improve her skills and as a result....her patient’s health. I have never seen a massage therapist so involved in her community and who has a willingness to go above and beyond to heal her patients. I have sent patients to Kaci and everyone has thanked me for doing so!
— J. Blume, Chiropractor

Hi Kaci - Are you doings massages again for Seattle to Portland bicycle race? Your massage last year was one of the most effective sports massages I’ve ever had. Completely eliminated the soreness from bicycling 110 miles!
— C. Golden, Bicycling Enthusiast