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Specialties: Injury Massage and Therapy

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Specialties: Treatment Massage and Therapy

‚ÄčOur clinic was founded by Kaci Jones, in honor of her grandmother, Mary Jane Keysar (thus the name of the clinic). We strive to support the caregivers and weekend warriors of our community. We are dedicated to providing excellent care, and specialized care difficult to find outside of a metropolis. We love our community, and recognize the most needed, hardest working and least likely to take care of themselves! We also specialize in injury recovery, especially from motor vehicle accidents, and injuries on the job. Between Kaci, Karen, and Cristina, all insurances (who cover massage) are accepted. We are also proud to host Lorna Smith, Certified Reflexologist, of Heals & Toes.  We are available for extended hours over the summer, and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on the weekends/ holidays. We are here for YOU, so that you can be there for THEM. Thank you for choosing the Keysar Center of Massage.